The Company has many years of experience in developing, producing and distributing technologically advanced products in the artificial incubation field, ensuring high performance based on our know-how, working in step with the times.

The Company has grown and earned the consensus of thousands of customers around the world establishing itself as a dynamic leader in technological innovation.

The Company structure is made up of highly qualified professionals, with specific technical skills gained through many years of experience in the field of artificial incubation.

Our full range of incubators is totally unique, being clearly different from other products on the market due to their superior quality and reliability.

Each incubator is accompanied by a user manual giving useful information on the correct use of the product, practical methods , tips and tricks necessary for incubation in order to achieve a high percentage of hatching. An essential guide!

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New Products

 Piatto scalda abbeveratoio 

€ 28.00
Piatto scalda abbeveratoio
PIATTO SCALDA ABBEVERATOIO L'azienda Incubatrici Borotto, finalmente pone fine al problema del co

 Griglia fondo incubatrice Real 49 

€ 10.00
Griglia fondo incubatrice Real 49
Griglia inferiore per incubatrice REAL 49

 Griglia fondo incubatrice Real 24 

€ 7.00
Griglia fondo incubatrice Real 24
Griglia inferiore per incubatrice REAL 24

 Chioccia Artificiale 50/55 pulcini 

€ 60.00
Chioccia Artificiale 50/55 pulcini
L'azienda Incubatrici Borotto, da sempre in prima linea e grande sostenitrice della nuova normativa

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