A New Era has begun, with ROYAL NEST.

We had the pleasure of presenting our new line of evolved performance professional incubators in a world preview at the EUROTIER trade fair in Hanover!

Borotto’s activities have always been focussed on the incubation process. With a professional approach, original and efficient technical solutions, advanced materials and components, and certified compliance and quality, we now present our range of large incubators: Royal Nest!

Characteristics: The new incubator range has 5 models in increasing capacities:

Royal Nest 250
Royal Nest 350
Royal Nest 450
Royal Nest 700
Royal Nest 900

Single-piece body with three vertical sides and no joints.
Material: made completely from 430 STAINLESS STEEL, both internally and externally.
Thickness of insulated walls: 4 cm, containing STYROFOAM panels with high thermal insulation and energy efficiency.
New ventilation system with intelligent dynamic heating: a tangential fan extracts some of the air from the top, which is heated in a separate chamber and then conveyed in part to the bottom of the incubator and in part divided among each of the trays, through special slots.
This innovative system guarantees uniformity of temperature, humidity and CO2 in each incubation tray.

The ROYAL NEST incubators can operate smoothly with external temperatures ranging from 0°C to 30°C.

Dual-purpose incubation tray: incubation and hatching in a single tray! Our patented ABS universal egg tray, supplemented with “Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology”, is the first and only egg tray in the world that can keep eggs of any species, from goose to quail, upright. Four small eggs can be place in each individual cradle instead of one chicken’s egg.

Temperature and humidity can be set independently for easy and immediate control and visualisation.

Intelligent parameter detection sensor: the ROTRONIC HC2-S HygroClip2 (Swiss Technology), described as the best sensor in the world, is absolutely innovative, with a level of precision vastly superior to any other sensor installed in conventional incubators of the same class. Thanks to its new AirChip3000 Technology, the sensor has outstanding functions of self-diagnosis and automatic calibration adjustment: a sensor that thinks!

Fully automatic humidity control, thanks to a computerised hygrostat based on a microprocessor with a modified PID algorithm. This controls a special peristaltic pump that draws water from an external reservoir, providing the right quantity to the incubator to ensure the humidity level previously set on the display.
Thus, the evaporation of the water occurs through a controlled sterile static effect (NO ULTRASONIC MIST).

The above description is merely a brief foretaste of the potential and quality of our new line of incubators. The complete technical data sheet, together with a more in-depth and detailed description of the performance of the new product, will be supplied at the time of its market launch.

BOROTTO designs and produces technologically advanced high-performance incubators, operating in compliance with the highest TUV UNI EN ISO 9001 quality standards.

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