Dear Customers,
We wish to thank you for your loyalty and for choosing Borotto egg incubators, we consider it a reward for our constant commitment to innovation which ensured the performance and results that allowed us, among other things, to obtain a pattern for our technology and the prestigious ISO 9001 certification, in line with our company policy, which aims to achieve maximum hatching results and reliability over time.
Unfortunately, we have been informed that some of our products, as often happens with widely successful, quality items, are being imitated and in some cases replicated.
This means that on the market you may find products sold by third parties that look aesthetically like ours. This may create significant confusion as to the origin of the products and lead you to expect from these fake products the technical and functional qualities that have always characterised Borotto products, whose patents have been regularly filed.
Considering that, despite our vigilance and the implementation of appropriate measures, we are not always able to contrast these activities immediately, we ask you to take extra care when choosing your products and remember that Borotto incubators display the Borotto brand and their lower part is recognisable thanks to their distinctive blue colour.

Thank you for attention. Should you have any questions or need any clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us via email:

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