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Incubator model
The incubator is suitable for hatching eggs from
hen, pheasant, guinea fowl, quail, grey partridge, partridge, duck, mallard, goose, turkey, peacock, coturnix, pigeon, rock partridge, exotic and predator birds eggs
0-49 normal-size eggs, or 196 small-size eggs (like quail eggs)
Nominal tension
single-phase 230 Volt CE
Maximum power
150 W
Average hourly consumption
70 Wh
Temperature modifiable from Min. 30°C to Max. 40°C. Humidity can be adjusted from a min. of 40% to a max. of 75%
Egg turning motor
one complete inclination every 1 hour
high quality hardened steel resistor (AISI – 304)
Sizes and weight
Cm 59X58, high cm 26. Weight Kg 6.

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REAL 49 EXPERT adopts extremely innovating systems that meet specific customer’s requirements, always more opted to use a technological evolved machine.


REAL 49 EXPERT is covered by several patents, with technical solutions under different design aspects:

The first professional egg tray in the world capable of holding any type of egg vertically, from goose eggs to quail eggs. In every single lodging it is possible to hold 1 hen egg (or larger size species) or 4 small eggs, up to a total of 196 quail eggs. An innovative system in egg logistics that contains the most number of eggs in a limited space, thus drastically reducing energy consumption.
NOTE: the vertical position of the eggs during incubation is the same used in the latest generation of industrial incubators. It always guarantees significantly higher hatching percentages compared with horizontally incubated eggs in old incubators, now technologically obsolete.

Thanks to the automatic SIRIO humidifier, the desired humidity level is set using buttons on an intuitive LCD display. SIRIO then pumps water into the incubator to achieve and maintain the right humidity level, regardless of environmental humidity changes, thus optimising the hatching rate of the incubated eggs.
SIRIO consists of a dual-tube peristaltic pump controlled by a computerised hygrostat with a modified PID algorithm. This receives information from a latest-generation humidity sensor (Sensirion Swiss technology) with a precision of +/- 1 % (the most accurate in its class), which measures the humidity in the incubator throughout the entire incubation cycle with extreme precision. Once the microprocessor has obtained the information from the sensor, it activates the peristaltic pump to supply small drops of water, which evaporate to allow control of the humidity. As it approaches the set value, the microprocessor slows down the flow of water from the pump until the value is reached.
This PATENTED intelligent system keeps the humidity level stable with absolute precision.
During operation, SIRIO displays the actual humidity value inside the incubator and the value previously set by the user.
AUTONOMY UNTIL THE HATCHING: the desire of every owner of an automatic incubator... The fully automated incubation process without the need for periodic checks and top ups.
With the use of SIRIO, properly fed with a tank of water, you can finally stop worrying about checking the water level. Even incubating goose eggs, for 30 consecutive days there will be no need to top up and check the water levels, thus allowing you to have the coveted AUTONOMY UNTIL THE HATCHING. All this is absolutely not allowed with the classic tank humidifiers that, instead, must be constantly top-up with water every 2 - 3 days.


Internal ventilation is supplied by a 2,500 rpm silent turbine fan that sucks air from the centre and carries it onto the side walls. Moreover, this air movement, together with an aerodynamic design, besides guaranteeing a better temperature and humidity uniformity inside the incubator, generates a warm air barrier on the inside walls, thereby ensuring effective heat insulation equal to that of an insulated incubator.



ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CONTROL: REAL 49 EXPERT uses a sophisticated electronic temperature control device in the incubator that allows the user to keep the microclimate inside constant, with an accuracy of 0.1°C. The electronic system keeps the set temperature uniform despite the external environmental temperature, thus ensuring embryonic growth without decompensation and with higher hatching results! 

The system works on the principle of feedback: the temperature taken by the NTC sensor is digitally processed by an advanced latest generation Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) algorithm, which eliminates the oscillations that are typical of the simplest adjustments, thus offering quick response and good temperature stability, equal to control solutions used on much more sophisticated equipment.

AUTOMATIC EGG TURNING SYSTEM: REAL 49 EXPERT automatically turns the incubated eggs for the entire incubation period. The eggs are tilted from right to left (and vice versa). A full cycle lasts 1 hour, following the same process used in industrial incubators.

EXCELLENT VISIBILITY INSIDE: thanks to 2 large inspection windows on the incubator lid, which ensure full and constant internal visibility, without ever having to open the incubator during incubation or hatching.

LIMITED ENERGY CONSUMPTION: the limited requirements of the device are an effective response to the growing demand for energy saving and environmental protection.

The technical characteristics described, together with the careful selection of components, ensure precision and durability of performance over time, combined with a compact and attractive design, make the REAL 49 EXPERT incubator a high quality system at an extremely low price.

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